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Discover who we are and what drives us!

Our passion comes from chasing the shadow of our greatest self.



Hands Down is an action-sport brand that seeks to provide athletes with quality products that inspire them to maximize their potential.



Our goal is to innovate; leveraging the best in design aesthetic, technological development, logistics, and manufacturing to best serve an active sporting lifestyle.


CREATE. Purpose

We encourage all people to express themselves athletically and move their art form forward through exploring new approaches to defying convention, while honoring the history of their sport.


COMMIT. Action

Taking active steps to listen and respond to the stories our customers share, allows us to combine problem-solving with creative exploration in our approach to enhancing our product line.

Discover the the history
and inspiration behind the brand.

The Hands Down identity comes directly from the mind and creativity of the founder.
His athletic background and design expertise are the driving force behind the brand.

Signature Ventures

Hands Down Athletics includes several brand ventures under its umbrella.
Each has unique functions and aesthetics that contribute to our collective Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Action.

Brand Standards

Understanding how to appropriately treat our brand image, logo, and symbol
is vital to preserving and communicating its quality.


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