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Hands Down athletics is a place where we design, build, and promote products that are made to encourage all people to pursue greatness through an athletic lifestyle.

The Origin Story

The Hands Down Athletics Brand was founded on April 16th, 2013 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The venture began when Curtis Page Jr., a lifetime athlete, marketing, and design professional, drew inspiration from his brother, Michael Page, after watching him fighting with his “Hands Down” during his first professional MMA bout.

Soon after, Curtis began designing a symbol that would not only represent both of their unique martial arts and athletic backgrounds but something that would become an icon for creative action-sport athletes everywhere, that are not afraid to become innovators in their craft.


Sport & Inspiration

Training under their father in Lau Gar Kung Fu and Kickboxing from the age of 3, both Curtis and Michael, grew up actively competing on the Freestyle Kickboxing and Sport Karate circuit. Within the point fighting categories of this sport, in particular, the emphasis is placed on timing, distance manipulation, accuracy, and speed.

As a result, competitors often adopt a more relaxed natural stance with their “hands down”, which is highly conducive to optimal striking and evasion. This was another angle of inspiration for the Hands Down Athletics Brand.

Career & Experience

As the founder, Curtis brings unique professional expertise to Hands Down Athletics. He has 15+ years of brand development, design, digital media, and marketing experience and has spent well over a decade in business operations management.

He is a coach, mentor, a world champion martial artist, and avid skateboarder with a vision to make Hands Down a globally recognized brand for action-sport athletes that seek #GreatnessOnly.

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Target Sports

Action-Sports are our target disciplines.

This encompasses a range of high-intensity technical athletics that explore the limits of
body movement, creative expression, and the skillful acumen of a relevant discipline.

Martial Arts
Combat Action-Sports

Codified systems and traditions of combat practice for self-defense, physical fitness, mental well-being, competition, or entertainment.

Fitness Arts
Physical Action-Sports

Systematic performance-based physical exercises that push the limits of balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance.

Extreme Action-Sports

Sporting and stunt-based activities characterized by their high-intensity and the extraordinary environmental circumstances they are performed under.


Our Approach

Functional Aesthetic & Beautiful Utility
We understand that people naturally recognize when beauty and function come together in an optimal way.

Our commitment is to invoke this feeling in everyone that encounters our brand by constantly seeking to create harmony between these two principles throughout all our products and services.